Funny Happy Birthday Wishes

Smart, brilliant, beautiful, charismatic, all these qualities God has given me and that is why I gift myself to you on this occasion of your birthday. Just kidding, Happy Birthday.

With every passing year, are you become wiser or are you just growing old? Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes

The best way to enjoy your Birthday each year is to keep getting more gifts but never remember your age. Happy Birthday! 

If I'd known that you were going to live this long, I would never have given you that expensive gift last year. Happy Birthday!

Have you observed that I've been talking to you so nicely since the past week? I hope you're inviting me to your Birthday party tomorrow. Happy Birthday! 

Since you are as sweet as wine, the older you grow, the better it is for us! Happy Birthday and have a phenomenal year ahead.

On this birthday I hope you have a young life with a beautiful wife. Kids in tonnes and eager to eat buns. Happy Birthday. 

Did someone gift you makeup on your Birthday? I think it's more for hiding your age than enhancing your beauty! Have a great year ahead, Happy Birthday.

If I've been impolite, annoying, obstinate, unhappy and ungrateful towards you, I'm here to tell you that you're only going to get more of me the coming year. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. I love you! 

What are the two most important things that I pray for you today? That you get lots of happiness from the Almighty and a great Birthday gift from your friends. Happy Birthday!

Wisdom has nothing to do with Age. If the latter precedes the former, then it's a disaster and if the former precedes the latter, it's annoying! May you get the right amount of wisdom with the right age. Happy Birthday! 

I have heard,
As you age, you get wiser,
That means you are now an official philosopher,
Happy birthday!

Don't feel bad when I compare you with wine,
The older the wine gets, the better it tastes,
Happy birthday dear!

Happy birthday Have a nice day But, why did you get so many candles for yourself,
The cake is so small,
Just kidding,
Happy birthday!

As this is another birthday,
I think get a bigger cake next time,
The candles should also fit on the cake right,
Just kidding,
Happy birthday!

Do you know what your actual age is?
Well you act like you are twenty five,
You tell me you are sixteen,
Sometimes you act like five,
So your total age is forty six,
Lol..just kidding,
Wish you a super birthday,
Have fun!

I would urge you to forget about your past,
It won't come back,
Forget about your coming future,
You don't know what will happen,
And, please forget about present,
Coz I did not get it for you..Lol!
Happy birthday to you!

I want to tell you something very special on your birthday
Shh!..It's a secret,
Ok. Smile till you have teeth then you won't be able to,
Haha..Happy birthday have a nice one!

Happy birthday have an awesome day,
But,one advice for you,
Start acting like your real age 

Happy birthday to you,
Let me confess something to you,
Sorry to say,
I forgot this day,
But, Facebook messaged me the date,
So thanks to Facebook,
Enjoy and have a nice day!